High-minded mix of old and new guides Gucci revolution

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Brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele used Milan menswear show to carry the brand away from staid luxury and toward youth, excitement and energy.

Gucci, how you’ve changed. In recent years you’ve been luxurious but, well, just a tad dull. But now you’re so exciting, so youthful, so cool. This was the take-home message from the Italian brand’s menswear show during Milan fashion week on Monday.

In six months, Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, has managed to completely turn around the industry’s perception of this juggernaut of a brand. Gucci had became known for staid, caramel luxury, but now, after three shows from Michele, it means men in geeky glasses and flares carrying handbags. In terms of catwalk tactics it has been a masterstroke.

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