Chanel in Paris: Lagerfeld revisits Coco

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Airport lounge chic and Scottish estate references were on display at this self-referential show.

The concept of the front row is understood even by those with just a whisper of an interest in fashion. While music venues have their moshpits and politics has its front bench, fashion has the Frow. A catwalk front row is a microcosm of all the narcissistic peacocking that exists in any industry. But here on the Frow, fashion’s top table, everything is laid bare for all to see. It appears that Karl Lagerfield is a designer who finds this never-ending fussing over seats an absolute delight. Why else would he do away with the row formatting at the Chanel show and make every single seat – all 3,500 of them – a front row? Certainly not for democratic reasons (that seems unlikely for a man at the helm of a billion-euro label selling bags with four-figure price tags) – it’s more likely for the insider fun of it.

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